Alma 30-35…Faith is like a seed…

New class, a new perspective. Hello all! Or anyone who happens to read these. I’m back with my bi-weekly posts on the marvelous Book of Mormon. This time around, I’ll be coming at these posts a bit differently. I won’t be expounding on every point in every chapter, but it will be more of a focus on one or two points, with some general overviews on what’s happening int he overall story.

So, to begin on chapter 30, there was a man named Korihor who was turning the people away with false doctrine, claiming that there would be no Christ and there was no God. He wanted a sign that there was a God, and was struck mute. He was duped by a devil who claimed to be an angel. He ended up having to beg or food and was eventually killed by some not so great people in the land. Mormon states plainly those who choose to follow Satan with, “and thus we see that the devil will not support his children at the last day, but doth speedily drag them down to hell” (Alma 30:60). Poor Korihor.

Musing: I’m supposing that somehow Alma heard about what happened to Korihor being trampled to death by those other people, the Zoramites because now we find him learning all about the Zormaites and decided to take a trek to them with others. So….perhaps this was the Lord’s way of leading Alma to the Zoramites…? 

Okay, I’m doing it again….it’s so hard to not talk about all these wonderful scriptures!!

Main points: Alma, Ammon, Aaron, Omner, Amulek, Zeezorom, Shiblon and Corianton all go to the land of the Zoramites. They find them extremely wicked. They pray once a week in their Synagogues on a high pulpit that only one can stand on, using a scripted prayer about how they are better than everyone else and that there is no Christ. Alma is very sad about this and then finds that the people in the synagogues have cast out their poor from coming inside the churches. They’re worried about what they’re going to do because they’ve deceived themselves into believing all this nonsense. Alma is happy that they are worried, because they are now humble enough to be teachable. He and Amulek teach.

What did they teach?

I had a camp out with my Young Women this past weekend. While we were sitting around the fire, one of them asked about a Faith value project for her Personal Progress Program. I wasn’t sure, so I looked up the suggestions on my phone from the book. As I was reading down the list, what just ‘happens’ to be on that list? Alma 32. Precisely what I had just studied during the week. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I knew the Lord wanted me to teach them all about this, not just this particular Young Woman.

I opened the scriptures on my phone and began to explain why faith was like a seed (I love having an entire library’s worth of books in the palm of my hands…AND…that I know how to use those books!). I wanted to help them understand these principles so that they could apply them in their lives. I wanted as President Packer said, “True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior.” I want this so desperately for these sweet girls!!

So I began teaching what Alma taught to the Zoramites about faith. Faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things but to hope in something we haven’t seen, but is true. To  experiment on the Lord’s words to act on a particle of faith, to desire to believe and let that desire work in them. I explained what those feelings were so that they could understand them. I taught that they need to find their own faith and let it grow. To read their scriptures and always keep the roots of their budding plants alive, even if they make wrong choices.

It was a wonderful discussion with the other leaders and mom’s bearing their testimonies about the subject and the girls answering questions they were asked. What started as a simple question about a project turned unto a doctrinal discussion about faith, prayer and becoming a better disciple.

You can read in detail about the rest of what Alma and Amulek thought… here.

I challenge you all to read it and study it. Let your faith grow. Have a desire to believe.




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